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Astro-Nett Productions
is an entertainment company specializing in producing and releasing music for bands and artists of all genres focusing on good values and morals. We are also known for creating Jingles for commercials as well as print and design work.

Here are some of our staff here at Astro-Nett!

Jeanette BakerJeanette Baker - President & CEO
Internationally known singer, songwriter, composer, and pianist.

Jeanette has led a successfull career as an artist who has performed all around the world from here in the United States, to Austrialia, Norway, Canada, Japan, and more. Her focus today is on the youth in education and the music arts. To learn more about her music career visit her artist website at: MissJeanetteBaker.com

Constance BakerConstance Baker - Travel Consultant
Constance is a travel consultant here at Astro-Nett. She has recieved an AA in Arts and Education. Earlier as a child, she was an actress who appeared in numerouse movies.

Constance Baker

Constance BakerA World Apart Films
A World Apart Films is devoted to bringing together filommakers, artists, and entertainers from various cultures and background's; to share ideals and experiences. A World Apart Films offers high definition camcorder rentals and camera operators / director of photography services in Las Vegas, Nevada and Hollywood - Los Angeles, California. For more information visit: awafilm.com

Jeanette BakerClarence Steele - Music Producer, Engineer, & Graphic Designer
Has over 20 years experience in the music industry as a professional musician, audio technician, and producer.

Clarence currently is based in Atlanta, Georgia where he focuses mainly in production sound mixing for television. To learn more about his services visit: Clarence-Steele.com

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February 17, 2014
Jeanette Baker's new video for "Finally Make A Stand" is now available on YouTube. For more information on Astro-Nett's projects and services, contact us here.